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Try the Tithe!

Malachi 3:10

Try the Tithe

We are challenging people to try tithing as a way to give back for all that God has done!

Why Try the Tithe?

We wonder what would happen if everyone tithed! We hope you will consider being a part of this church wide challenge and see what God can do through our generous giving!

*       Normal weekly giving is about $11,500 (depending on the month - includes PAR)

*        If you are on PAR, would you consider an extra gift? If you give on a different schedule, would you consider for this one initiative to align with us?

*        If you don't normally give, this is an opportunity to see what God will do when we take a step towards him!

Note: As always, there is no pressure if you can't afford to do a full tithe. We would encourage you to try giving something.