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The Journey

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The Journey Story | Who We Are

The Journey Neighbourhood Centre has been serving the Ardglen/Orenda community since 2013 through our store front on Ardglen and an apartment in the Orenda Court tower. 

The Journey’s primary goal is community transformation. Transformation can take many forms – physical, educational, economic, spiritual and emotional. Our programs and events are geared towards each of those elements. The challenges that were in our community when we started are still the challenges the community faces today. And, while we have accomplished much, there is so much more to do.



Welcome Onzhane Walker, The Journey Neighbourhood Centre's new Manager!

Onzhane is no stranger to The Journey, working first as a placement student and later as a summer camp leader. She is experienced with developing programs for families and youth as well as community development and child welfare!

As an advocate for Black and racialized communities, she plans to obtain a Master's of Social Work in order to open up a home for mothers and youth coming out of abusive relationships.


In Fantasia’s role as Community Network Lead, she will be responsible for building capacity in our neighbourhood, developing leadership and offering events and programs relevant to our community’s needs.

Her lived experience allows her to connect to the community while bringing a new perspective. She takes pride in building strong relationships with others in the community and working towards common goals.


Kevin is our Executive Director! The one thing he would like to accomplish at The Journey is having The Journey no longer be needed. He works at The Journey because he want to make a difference.