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Weekly Actions

June 6 : Daily Prayer for Reconciliation

We hope that you and your families will be able to include this prayer in your daily life this week along with so many others in our community. There is so much power in prayer and although we believe prayer is not the end, it s a great place to start in this fight for equality and equity in our society


This week we want to encourage you to reach out to a black family member, neighbour, friend or colleauge to open up a conversation. It may be a time to confess or ask questions, but it will mainly be a time to listen, learn and demonstrate a new level of support. We know these are uncomfortable conversations to have and they can be very painful. That is why we are happy to provide some resources and guidelines to help in opening a conversation with the people in your life. We hope they can help you have a loving and healthy dialogue as you continue to talk about the racism that exists in our world. These conversations are ways in which we can make strides towards unity and change.

Some may not be ready to have these conversations, and that is ok! We are here to support you in whichever part of the journey you are on. We encourage you to keep listening and learning and maybe one day, this resource will be here to help you in a time where you are ready!


We know conversations are the key to understanding one another. This event will give us all the chance to discuss with others but also to learn from a panel of people and couples on their thoughts and experiences. Please join us on MONDAY JUNE 21 to continue taking action towards change through our conversations.