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Support Our Second Minister

How YOU can be a part of our vision script!

Help us make it possible!

Isn’t it exciting times to think about a 2nd minister coming to NBUC!? This is all part of our Vision Script, which is one of the key pieces for the future. We are also very committed to continuing to become more diverse as a staff/leadership team and to continue to invest in the next generation as we work to build a church that reaches all ages. NBUC has an amazing team of staff and leaders and volunteers – however Jamie is the only ordained minister on staff and though has the tremendous support of Debbie Johnson as VAM (Voluntary Associate Minister) it is time for more support for Jamie as NBUC continues to grow!

How will it work?

As you can imagine, adding a 2nd minister will enable so much to happen!

Things such as:

  •  Supporting our discipleship work including children’s ministry and youth ministry
  • Helping to grow small groups and zoom church
  • Developing a discipleship path (for people to have a next step after Alpha) that will allow hundreds of people a year to grow in Christ
  • Support the ordained functions such as baptisms, weddings and funerals
  • Bring a new and fresh mind, heart, soul to NBUC and our leadership

So all of that and more is why we are so excited and praying for this amazing next step at NBUC!

How you can help!

We are working on ways to ensure that we are financially strong as we grow. This is giving us another opportunity to grow in faith and grow in giving (yes the two go together in a big way!)

We have set a goal of increasing our monthly PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance) by $7000/month as a way of helping to fund the staffing growth needed at NBUC and especially the role of the 2nd Minister. We are envisioning close to 100 people participating in this at various levels of giving as God leads and enables us to reach this target together!

Maybe it’s $100/month ($25/week)? Or $200/month? Or $500? Or whatever it is that God leads you to do!

Click below to sign up for PAR !