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Church Online

Service time, how to access us online and our take on online ministry!

Church Online

We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating, going to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking...add doing virtual church and maybe it isn't so bad!

Our online church is played every Sunday morning on Facebook and our Church Online platform at 10am. You can choose which platform that is most comfortable with you!

Sunday morning is only the beginning! If you miss a week, you can go to our YouTube page and see past services, worship videos, or our Good News podcast. We are also live on Facebook at noon six days a week, 5 mornings and 5 evenings a week to do all we can to engage with you!

What's the culture like at NBUC?

Sunday's at NBUC - especially since we are all home, are exciting, casual, and relaxed.

What can I expect?

How long is a normal service?

In total, our services are about 60 minutes in length. You can join us 5 minutes before the service time (10am) for our pre-service which is a bit of fun with our hosts for each week - then enjoy worship, and an engaging message. We will also offer different opportunities to discover and connect with God throughout the week.

One of these opportunities is something we call zoom church! Right after our services, a growing number of people are joining together to chat about life and to go deeper in conversation about the week's topic. You can register for one of our offerings below.