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June Film Series

Join us for a discussion around the series "When they See Us" to help grow in our understanding!

Weekly Film Series Discussion

Wednesday | 7Pm | june 9 - june 30

We are planning a 4 week film series for the month of June that will help us to continue the converstaions happening on Sunday mornings. The 'Table of Reconciliation' series this month is a time for NBUC to step up and step into the conversation around racism in our society and systems, and to see where we can be better allies with our black brothers and sisters in Christ.

The series is called "When They See Us", and is based on a true story of 5 young boys from Harlem in 1989 who were falsly accused, and then prosecuted, on charges related to a brutal attack in Central Park. It explores the events of the case, as well as the experience of the 5 black male suspects and their famillies. This series is a great opportunity to engage in important conversations and grow a deeper understanding of what the black community has faced and still continues to face today.

How can I participate?

  1. Watch 1 episode a week - prior to the discussion (Available on Netflix or Amazon Prime)
  2. Join the discussion on Wednesday @ 7pm
  3. Repeat!

link to join the discussion : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88415282571?pwd=OE9WTzk4d0ZEMUkwdEkrWVBaekFLQT09

**If you do not have access to Netflix or Amazon Prime please reach out to us @ office@nbuc.ca 

"When they See Us" Trailer

DISCLAIMER : This series is a painful and hard watch, but a must watch. It deals with abuse, violence and gut wrenching injustice which can be triggering for some people. If at any time you need to turn it off or can no longer participate in a piece of the conversation, that is totally understandable. We do not want anyone to feel they are being pushed beyond their limits. If this series brings up any feelings or emotions for you, we would encourge you to reach out to us privately so we can support you and pray for you.