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Figuring out Faith

What can we do each week to help our learning?

This series will bring up some interesting questions about faith that we all may be struggling with on some level. Alpha has been such a huge part of our ministry over the last few years to help each of us navigate these barriers in our own journey. During this series, we want to take it a step further and tackle all the big topics that are not addressed as often, but ALL of us wonder about! We believe that questioning and challenging God with these questions, along with joining in discussion and praying together allows us to grow and even be forever changed!

The topics in this series will include:

July 4 : It's Ok to have questions! - a Live From Home service!

July 11 : What's the point? - What is the point of believing in God and Jesus? Why does it matter?

July 18 : Can you believe in God and Science? - Let's hear from North America's foremost medical authority on this!

July 25 : Can we trust the Bible? - Or is it a collection of folk tales?

August 1 : Are Demons and Miracles Real? - If so, how do they appear today?

August 8 : Some Answers, More Questions! - A summary week where we can discuss learnings and possibly differing opinions!

Here are a few things you can do each week after the message to re-enforce the topic and to continue your learning:

  • Join a Zoom Church to join in conversation about the Sunday message
  • Write down a brief statement about what you believe for each topic and talk about it with someone else in your Zoom church or life? Share it on social media with the hashtag #NBUCfaithFAQ
  • Pray daily for people you want to invite to this series, a specific topic or for an Alpha session