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Coming Home!

For the rest of the year, we are going to have an over-arching theme of "Coming Home!"

Coming Home!!

Coming Home.

Normally when you hear this phrase, I am sure your mind starts thinking about how the place looks, feels and even smells. Maybe it even brings a sense of peace or comfort. But now, we all have been home for what seems like forever. Where are you looking forward to going? What do you remember about those places you went pre-covid? How does it make your heart feel when you think about that special place? You may not have positive memories of what would be called your home. That is one of the powerful things about is home for all people - no matter where you are in your life. No home or church is perfect, but with God's help, we can all strive for better future. Let's do it together at NBUC!

Chris Tomlin - Home

As we inch closer and closer to re-opening our church facility, a theme has been rising...Coming Home! Why?

  • Home is a safe place to ask questions,
  • Home provides a solid foundation for your uncertainties, 
  • Home encourages growth, and 
  • Home is a place to listen and be heard.

How does the “Coming Home” theme apply to the Figuring out Faith series? 

This first series will bring up some interesting items that we all may be struggling with on some level. Alpha has been such a huge part of our ministry over the last few years and during the sessions, these types of topics are coming up and as people discuss, pray and grow in faith, they are forever changed! The topics in this series will include:

  • It's Ok to have questions! - a Live From Home service!
  • What's the point? - What is the point of believing in God and Jesus? Why does it matter?
  • Can you believe in God and Science? - this will have portions of video content from North America's foremost medical authority!
  • Can we trust the Bible? - or is it a collection of folk tales?
  • Are Demons and Miracles Real? - A challenging topic for all of us!
  • Some Answers, More Questions! - A summary week where we can discuss learnings and possibly differing opinions!

What's Next?

Our next series is planned to be, "What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?"

From there...we have other plans for the following series but stay tuned...we will announce those later!