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Alpha Marriage

Matthew 19:11-12

Alpha Marriage

We are excited that you are interested in the Marriage Course! The Marriage Course runs in over 4,500 churches in over 90 different countries and the course content is free. Just in the last 9 months over 110 couples have taken the course through NBUC...take a look at the trailer video below and we know you will be interested in joining us online!

Even if you are not married but are engaged, in a deep and meaningful relationship, or just want to learn more about some very important elements in a couple's life, we would encourage you to check this out!

Believe us when we say that not only will these Saturday evenings be the best date night ever, they will build an opportunity to connect and deeper your relationship for years to come.

Next course is scheduled to begin Saturday, October 16th at 7PM. Click here to register!

Alpha Marriage Trailer

“Having to sit down and properly talk about things is certainly a game-changer…”

The Marriage Course online is helping thousands of couples to navigate this season of uncertainty. Journalist Lucy Denyer shares about her experience in The Telegraph.